tough cookie

tough cookie

Among the difficult things Elsa has had to deal with this month are the graying of one of her front teeth (Oliver knocked her in the face with the back of his head when she climbed on his back unexpectedly . . .), she fell and scraped both knees pretty badly on Easter, and then last Saturday her foot got caught in the spokes of the bike wheel and . . . it wasn’t good. elsainER2

Micah carried her home while Simon wheeled the bike, (Oliver and Felix and I were doing different things on the other bike) and we patched her up as well as we could. We didn’t think anything was broken, so we took care of the open wound and had her rest as much as she could. She didn’t complain of any pain, but was very protective of her wound and needed to be carried a lot.

But the next day when we went to change the dressing on her wound we were surprised at the swelling and decided to take her to the doctor the next morning. So I did, and the doctor sent us to the ER for x-rays. Thankfully, we were correct in discerning that there were no broken bones, just a bad sprain and lots of swelling. We’ve been icing it and it is looking much better. Fingers crossed she’ll be bearing weight on it in a couple of days.


It was interesting in the doctor’s office and in the hospital . . . the doctors all wondered if we had given her anything for the pain, and at first I felt silly that I didn’t even think of that. But then I realized I didn’t think of it because she didn’t need it. She cried when it first happened, but then she took a nap and she woke up and never complained of anything.

And while it has not been a picnic to have two kids that need to be carried most of the time (though Felix would probably disagree with that statement), the bike has been perfect for getting Elsa around town. We had to take the stroller one day because of rain and while it worked, it was much trickier than putting her on the bike and just going. The only struggle there was that she fell asleep every day and was freaking people out because they worried she would fall off. (She won’t.)


It’s been a rough month for her, but she’s a tough cookie.

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