spring breakin’ 2017

spring breakin’ 2017

In my wildest dreams, we would hop in a/our car the minute the kids got out of school and drive up to a/our lake house to spend the week and a half of spring break.

In my wildest reality, we spent the break playing games in the morning and going to parks in the afternoon.*

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And now that I write that down, I think we did just about exactly what we would have done at our theoretical lake house as we did at our little apartment, only at the lake house we wouldn’t have even made it as far as a park. We would have just played in/by the lake all day.

So I guess we did alright, even if it was nothing exotic. The kids were happy. I was happy. (Micah, who had to go to work every day, was less happy to miss out on all the “fun.”)

Best/worst of all, the days flew by and we never felt like we were going crazy with boredom nor that we were having so much fun that we were loathe to go back to school.

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I’d rank it a solid 7/10 and do it again next year if we have to.

*We hit the nature playground at Prospect Park, Coney Island beach, Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Central Library (you can say that’s not a park, but think about what bookworms my kids are), Mount Prospect Park, Long Meadow in Prospect Park, and Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

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