Oliver’s special day

Oliver’s special day

We are all about encouraging/bribing our kids to make goals and work toward them. They each have a reading goal and Oliver (of all children) reached his first. Not that I’m surprised! But maybe he is just not usually the first one to do anything, ever.

But he reached his reading goal and he got to pick something fun to do with me and Micah. It turns out that our 7-year-olds idea of a good time is to ride his bike from Brooklyn to Manhattan and then to see a foreign film with subtitles.

(Or maybe he just wanted to see a movie and the one that worked best with our schedule happened to be a foreign film with subtitles—and not, say, Lego Batman.)


So Oliver and I rode together from our place, across the Williamsburg bridge, to the little theatre on the Lower East Side, and Micah met us there after dropping Simon off at his friend’s house. (We had a sitter for Elsa and Felix, obviously.) Oliver got a bag of gummy bears to munch on during the movie, and we all enjoyed “Your Name,” a Japanese anime film that I HIGHLY recommend. Oliver said that he really liked it and that he mostly followed it even if he couldn’t quite read the subtitles fast enough all the time.

(I would also say, the plot is pretty cerebral and is so complex that it feels like it could fall apart at any moment, but it doesn’t and so it feels magical.)

And then we rode home and got pizza for everyone, because Oliver wanted to do that too. He’s nice like that. And a good reader. And rider. And sport.

Love that kid.

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