a simple, special easter

a simple, special easter

My hope for Easter this year was that it would be simple but special. Simple because I didn’t have it in me to go all out, and special because, well, it is a special day.

We did go Easter egg hunting the day before, and you wouldn’t believe it but WE CAUGHT THE EASTER BUNNY. And he’s just as cute as you would imagine, though slightly less furry. Also, he only has two teeth and they are on the bottom, not the top like you would expect.


For our Easter feast, I made challah bread and baked some salmon. The challah bread had honey and the salmon is fish. It was an attempt to connect our “simple” meal to Christ—“of the fish and honeycomb he did truly eat.”


We planned to go on a walk after dinner, but we put Felix in charge of forging the path, so we spent a few minutes trying NOT to wander into the street before Elsa stole the show by running, tripping, and scraping both her knees. We got her patched up and determined to forge ahead with our plan, but Elsa was just as determined to not walk and to loudly protest. Her brothers tried to help her out as much as possible, but by the time we got almost halfway around the block, we realized it was a bust and went back home.


And so we read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows while sitting on the balcony instead. It actually tied in quite nicely because Voldemort is so scared of death and so we got to talk about why that is and why we don’t have to be scared of death.

Small and simple. Simple and special.

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