back on the bike

back on the bike


I’ve been nervously anticipating Felix’s birthday for several months knowing that we could then get back on the bike and ride around like we like to do. Only now, there are 5 of us to fit on there. Hence the nervousness.

We had a nice day this week and I decided somewhat last minute to just go for it. I didn’t want to think too much about it, so I just rode the bike in and hoped I’d be able to get us home without too much trouble.

I told the kids we might have to get off the bike and walk up the bridge if I couldn’t pedal us up. And I warned them that if we did make it to the top on the bike, there would be a photo op. We had to buckle the boys’ backpacks to the bike (they usually wear them) because the cargo hold was a little cramped with 3 kids back there. But other than that: smooth sailing.

I won’t say I wasn’t huffing and puffing up the bridge, but I credit that partially to the 2+months of no running (stress fracture) and the loss of some of my lung capacity. It really wasn’t as hard as I anticipated, and while it took us just under an hour to get home, that wasn’t too far from what we did before Felix was born.

Of course, the good weather didn’t hold so our triumphant return to the bike was short-lived. But when it returns, we’ll be ready to ride all over it.

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