valentine’s day is CANCELLED

valentine’s day is CANCELLED

Next year, anyway. Or it should be, based on the behavior of certain members of our family this last Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s were given, Valentine’s were lost, siblings were blamed, siblings needed to be PUNISHED. Profuse apologies were offered. Apologies were ignored in the repeated demand for PUNISHMENT. And the lesson of the day was forgiveness. Which, I suppose, is as good a lesson as any. And I suppose Valentine’s is as good a day as any to learn that lesson.

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But if it hadn’t been for that unfortunate incident, and the continued crying, complaining, and whining, I  would have said this was one of our more successful Valentine’s in one particular way: we are getting very good at coming up with quick and easy Valentine’s that are homemade and not too cutesy, which is exactly where I like to aim my cupid’s arrow.

I made a sheet pan of strawberry flavored marshmallows, cut them into hearts shapes, and slipped them into little bags. The boys added tags with their names on them and we were done. Actually, we had to take some of the scraps and make chocolate covered marshmallows to get the right number, but again, super easy.

Actually, now that I know we can whip up some passable Valentine’s Day treats with not so much effort, maybe I won’t cancel it next year. Forgive and forget, right? Or maybe I would have forgotten anyway, so I may as well forgive while it’s still on my mind.

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  1. I’m amazed you’re allowed to give out homemade treats at school! Or do you have a food handlers license I’m not aware of….

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