mid-winter/springish break

mid-winter/springish break

I never know what a week off from school will be like: lots of fighting? Too cold to go out much? Or loads and loads of activities and fun times? This time we were blessed to have Micah with on on President’s Day, which made the rest of the week feel much less long and much more manageable.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

And with Micah having a day off as well, we lived it up and went to the Guggenheim, which we have seen of course but felt like some place not quite for us. Well, we’ve lived in this city nearly 10 years and we can go anywhere we want to go. So we went. Thankfully we got their early enough that it wasn’t super crowded and we took our time exploring the spiral and its off-shoots, including the place where they sell the chocolate croissants. Even if most of the art is modern, there were some pieces I really enjoyed and would have found a place for in my own house if I had the resources the Guggenheims had

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Really though, one of my favorite things to see was this:


Felix may not be quite big enough to keep up, but they are good enough to not leave him behind.

The other big accomplishment of the week was to not play video games or watch much tv/movies. I did succumb to strep throat on Thursday afternoon (after we spent the morning at the Botanic Garden with friends) and with the aches and chills and headache . . . well, I wasn’t up for playing anything except a movie. On the one hand, it was beautiful weather Thursday afternoon and Friday, which made it an awful time to be sick. But on the other the kids were out of school so I was actually able to rest instead of taking charge of pickup and such. I guess we’re even.


The good weather/sick combination was also a good reminder that we actually can just go out in front of our building. The kids wanted to draw with sidewalk chalk, but we couldn’t find it, so they resorted to jumping rope and drawing pictures on paper while Felix mastered (more or less) the ups and downs of stair climbing and crawling as quickly down the sidewalk as he could.

Tomorrow, life begins again. I’m sure it will be a good break from our break.

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