brooklyn tarts

brooklyn tarts

In seeking to legitimize and professionalize my hobbies, as I am wont to do, I inadvertently helped create a cross country pie baking club.

It happens.

We are called the Brooklyn Tarts, because the idea originated with 3 women who know each other from Brooklyn. We then added 3 more from Brooklyn, and a couple more from the new homes some of the ladies now live in. All told, we have members in Brooklyn, Arkansas, Utah, Washington, and California.

Each month one of us is in charge of picking a pie that we all bake. Then we bake it and review it, sharing tips and tricks. January was my month to pick. I chose a savory supper pie from The Hoosier Mama Pie Book I got for my birthday. It was a very involved pie (I did it in several pieces over a week), but it was well worth the time spent.


Februrary’s pie was a pear cardamom pie with almond crust. I anticipated it going wrong at various parts, but it also surpassed my expectations.


Believe it or not, these pies also turned out to be the most photographable pies I’ve made yet. Or maybe I’m just learning something about lighting. Either way, they do taste as good as they look, if not better.

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