baby steps

baby steps

Literally. Felix took two small steps this week.

This comes less than a week after he first stood on his own for a few seconds.

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Which happened to be the same day that he said what clearly sounded like “nana” when there was a banana he wanted to eat nearby.

And then there is the tooth, which became visible just two days after we heard that his cousin—only 2 1/2 weeks younger than him—was already sporting a little nub of a tooth. (I assume he decided he couldn’t be beat by Elora.)

He and I share toys.

(Felix and I also share toys.)

This is all happening so fast. Or maybe not so fast as some of these things we’ve been looking forward to for months, but definitely all at once.

But I guess that is how things often happen. Slowly, slowly, slowly, and then BAM! There it is.

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