“ugly” sweater contests

“ugly” sweater contests

“Ugly” is for sure in the eye of the beholder. I mean, who could look at these kids in these sweaters and wrinkle their noses?


The thing is, there is a lady in our ward who knits and knits and knits these sweaters and while they are not super stylish, they are for sure amazing. And a little quirky. She gives them to the bishop to distribute among the needy, and apparently there aren’t very many people who will take them. But when they were laid out in the bishop’s office during tithing settlement, our kids got heart eyes and they each came home with one.

The next week I came home with a whole bag of new ones that I now need to find a home for—preferably at a homeless shelter—though I am strongly tempted to pick my favorites. They are just quirky and square enough to be cool in my book.

Oliver has even worn his to school a couple of times and his teacher loved it so much she had to take him around to other classes under the guise of helping her deliver things to other teachers so she could show them the absolute fabulousness of his sweater.

Makes me so happy.


And not to be outdone by his kids—or anyone else—Micah went to town making the “ugliest” sweater for his office ugly sweater contest. I’ve been told the contest was close until Micah unbuttoned his sweater and pulled candy canes out from the inside to give to voters. He won handily and it was pretty much the first/only thing anyone wanted to talk to him about at the company party later that night.


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