the buckeyes

the buckeyes

Some people are surprised to discover that we are football people. But really we are only college football people, and really we mostly focus on Ohio State and BYU. And even then, we can’t get many BYU games, so all our hopes and dreams are pinned to the Buckeyes. Which works out well because the Buckeyes are generally a pretty good team. (Small understatement.)

This year the ante was upped by the fact that Michigan, OSU’s biggest rival, was also really good. Like, they were ranked 2 and 3 in the nation. So when we sat down to watch the game with our pan of buckeye confections, we were aware that it was likely to be intense. thebuckeyes

What we were unprepared for was the level of intensity. They call it the Big Game. But this was a BIG GAME. When OSU’s kicker missed his 2nd field goal of the day, we just about died. When he finally made one with virtually no time left on the clock to tie things up, we were beside ourselves with relief. But then we had to keep our wits about us through two overtimes, which proved to be somewhat difficult. (Thankfully we had our buckeyes to help us manage.)

When the final touchdown was scored and OSU sealed the victory, we were shaking pretty well with nervousness and excitement. It’s kind of a silly thing, being invested in a football game like that. But then again, it’s our thing. We have a  good time. Making the buckeyes, cheering, moaning, holding our breath and hoping—it’s all about bonding. And silly and surprising as it may be, it’s a good tradition to have.


(And the fact that Elsa is so into that she is writing “Ohio Stat Unavsree” just . . . YES.)

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