the first ever sisters weekend

the first ever sisters weekend

It’s been ages since all my sisters were together in one place. And the past couple of years have been fairly trying for all of us in one way or another (moving across the country, having babies or not having babies) so it was definitely high time for us to be under one roof again. We needed a time and aplace to act much younger than our ages and fall into our familiar roles as we lovingly bickered with each other.


True to form, we were mourning the end of the weekend before it even started as we texted back and forth the week before about how we couldn’t believe how in a week it would all be over! {cry face emoji}

But we made the best of it. I got in at 2:30 am and Abby was at the airport to greet me and Felix and take us to Sarah’s house where we crashed on the couch/bed and slept for a few hours before Felix had had enough and wanted Aunty Abby to take him to see the trains so I could sleep. Abby was happy to oblige, of course. (As long as she—and everyone else—got a nap later in the morning.)

Sarah showed us a good time by taking us to Fiore where the bread is legendary and the sandwiches made with it divine. (And don’t you worry, the children are well-behaved, too. Just ask the two ladies who saw our crew and were for sure scared that we were going to ruin their lunch . . . but then we didn’t! Booyah!)


We went to the Broad Museum for a bit of culture and decided that it’s okay to not identify with all of the modern art. Although we did appreciate the balloon animals and much of the more simple, straightforward pieces of art.

And then we went to bed. And remember how Abby and I went to bed at 2:30am? Well, the next day we got up at 2:30am to get ready for our marathon. So, yeah. Good times. (And don’t you worry, Felix gave his other aunties a good time too. Nothing like being up with a screaming baby in a house full of potentially screaming babies . . . .)


Marathon recap will be in another post, so I’ll move right to the post race celebration: burgers and shakes. Because that’s what you need when you’ve run 26.2 miles. After which Abby and I needed to shower (the salt was thick on my skin and the stink thick on my clothes) before we went to Abby’s apartment for a grand tour and to meet up with my cousins for some dinner at Cafe Rio.

We dined and talked and talked and talked and talked before heading back to Sarah’s for more talking and more ice cream (because you can’t have too much ice cream on race day). And then, at 1:00 we went to bed. That’s 22 1/2 hours of awakeness for me and Abby, if you were counting. I think we deserve a prize. I think Felix and I also deserve a prize for not waking up when little cousin Mia had a rough night of it and woke up the rest of the house—but not us! We must have been tired.


The next morning we went to church and then Abby took me and Felix to the airport. And just like that, it was over. Sad day. But at least we have several dozen photos from the weekend, and matching loungewear to remember each other by.

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