halloween 2016

halloween 2016


One of the things I like best about Halloween is that I can legitimately claim no credit when people oooh and ahhh over our families costumes. This year’s idea was a group effort that I walked in on in the final stages of hammering it out. A suggestion that we be planets became a suggestion that we be the gods that the planets are named after and I said, “Cool!” And Micah, as always, took it from there.


This year he took it to another level by learning to use foam to create costume pieces. Each god had a prop or two—a staff or a spear— and then their symbol as well. And as if that weren’t enough, Micah made trick-or-treat “bags” that were painted to look like the planet/moon that each child was embodying. So, you know, business as usual. mercury


The only disappointment about this year was that a couple of the props were lost before we actually went trick-or-treating, which was probably more disappointing for me and Micah than for the children who lost them. Somehow the show went on. poseiden


The minutes before the curtain went up found the stage directors frantic and stressed, the actors dazed and confused (and, in one case, exhausted to the point of tears with no pacifier in sight), backstage a mess of fabric scraps, unused pieces of foam, and discarded clothing (not to mention a sink full of unwashed dishes), but as soon as we walked out onto the stage of Halloween night none of that mattered. Smiles all around. Magic in the air. Everyone played their part and no one noticed or missed the missing props and imperfections.

It’s a good trick that turns out to be the perfect treat at the end of a harried but joyful month.  godsofthesolarsystem

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