no sleep ’til hartford

no sleep ’til hartford

If someone could please teach Felix how to sleep for more than two hours at a time, that would be greatly appreciated. I’m certainly no good at it.

This was especially tragic on Friday night when Micah and I went to bed at midnight (as usual) with plans to wake up at 5:00 (not usual) so we could get out the door and on the road to the Hartford temple open house as early as we could.

Five hours of sleep is not ideal, but we can make it work. Four hours of sleep, however, is brutal. So brutal. And that is what Felix did to us. Sometime around 3:00 he woke up and I tried several times and several ways of getting him back to sleep. It wasn’t until I played him a music video sometime after 4:00 that I was successful. I put him back in bed and fell asleep for another 30 minutes before I had to get up again.

It may look like a fake, but I promise, we were really there!
(It may look like a fake, but I promise, we were really there!)

But we did get out the door and on the road and we made it to the open house just fine. (I fell asleep on the road more than Micah did, which was probably for the best since he was driving.) It was beautiful, of course, and the kids were pretty impressed by the celestial room and by the mirrors in the sealing room reflecting each other forever and ever and ever and ever. I was happy to see that they were excited to take the postcard pictures home with them.

So, no sleep, super tired, but worth the effort. hartfordtemple

2 thoughts on “no sleep ’til hartford

  1. Yes, it totally is, Sarah. :)

    Glad Micah didn’t fall asleep on the road! Nice! (And a Happy late birthday to you, by the way!) How did you get there…meaning, did you rent a car, do a Zip, or borrow one? How long did it take? That’s really great that you went up there. I love that colonial style of temple (and building in general). Would love to see that one and the Philadelphia one one day.

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