felix is on the move

felix is on the move


He kinda sorta bear crawls. He squirms and rolls and sits by himself. But mostly he likes to pull himself up.

It’s all fun and games until he can’t figure out how to get back down. Or, even better/worse, until he falls down and hits his head.

But he is happier standing up. So while it stinks to have to rescue him in the middle of the night when he is standing in his crib and doesn’t know what to do about it, or to have to hear his head hit the floor again, it is nice to know that he is making progress. When he is happier, we are happier.


And before you know it he’ll be able to run away from his loving sister’s firm embrace if he wants to. Although I don’t know why he would want to.

2 thoughts on “felix is on the move

  1. That boy! I think he and Elora are going to get along famously. She’s into all the same things he is!

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