fire island

fire island


There were a million mosquitoes. But other than that (and the hurricane) it was perfect. We took the train out to the ferry on Friday afternoon, arriving just in time to catch the last ferry of the day. The sun was setting as we sat on the boat and it was beautiful, to put it mildly.


However, that meant it was dark when we finally got off the ferry and were finding our camping spot. And we almost didn’t make it down the boardwalk to pitch our tent because the mosquitoes nearly ate us to the bone. It was actually as we were vacillating between one spot or another (one of which bore the message, scrawled on a paper plate: “buggiest campsite!”) that I put my foot down and refused to move another inch until I sprayed us all with insect repellent.heiseltsvsocean

And after that it was a dream. Sand and sunlight, blue skies and blue waves. We walked and talked and read Harry Potter in our tent when we couldn’t stand the beauty any more (or when it got a little windy).

tentmates2 tentmates1

But then news of the hurricane ruined our reverie. Hermine was out at sea, but might be coming our way. By late afternoon on Saturday, nearly all the campsites were empty. We stuck around until Sunday morning, hoping the storm would turn and the park service would stop threatening to close the ferry at noon. But even though it was a beautiful day, the threat remained and we packed up our stuff and caught the train home.


(And of course the winds and the rains never did come.)

Our time was cut short, but it was worth the trip. We’re hoping to do it again next year.

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