luna park

luna park

I never really thought I would take my kids to an amusement park. Not for several years anyway. They were too young/short to go on many of the rides, and who wants to stand in line for the tea cups? But then the library basically handed us passes to Luna Park, one of the amusement parks at Coney Island. All we had to do was read—which for my kids is pretty much as easy as breathing— and go to a few library programs this summer. Done and done.


We took advantage of Micah’s last Summer Friday (when he gets off early) to use the passes. And good thing we did because it turns out amusement parks are not so fun with babies. There were a few rides that Elsa could ride without a parent, but not many. So Micah and I took turns going on rides while the other sat in the sun with Felix.

Each of the kids tried something that scared them and each lived to tell the tale. Simon was especially daring and went on a ride that swung him upside down. I was super nervous for him, and Micah who went on the ride with him, said he was making some nervous noises, but he did it and he was glad he did . . . though he may not ever do it again.


School starts in less than 2 weeks, and although we have a few more activities planned, I’m feeling like even if we didn’t manage to get them in we could call it a day at Luna Park and end on a high note.

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