spontaneous summer

spontaneous summer

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This summer has been a time for me to learn to be slightly spontaneous and to also try not to be so sad that we can’t always be together to do all the fun things. There have been several things that we’ve been planning to do forever and ever, but there just aren’t enough weekends and days off for Micah to get to experience them with us. (Sad face.)



And I have been pleasantly surprised to find that the city continues to be new and exciting, to have jewels shining just about everywhere we go. One day we went to Battery Park to watch the boats and see the Statue of Liberty. I thought the kids would be like, “Been there, done that,” but no. They were totally into it and we spent the day discovering just how many things could be seen and done in a very small corner of Manhattan. (For the record: Staten Island Ferry, Sea Glass Carousel, Statue of Liberty, Wendy’s frostys, WWII memorial, Castle Clinton, ships with real rigging, and a musical instrument implanted in the ground.)



Another day we opted for the Roosevelt Island tram and spent the day walking around almost the entire island. While the tram ride was more than successful, I have mixed feelings about the walk as we drank all our water before the half way point and spent much of the walk discussing the possibility of purchasing a stuffed squirrel from the visitor’s center.

My favorite was the trip we took to the Little Red Lighthouse under the Great Gray Bridge. We’ve been reading about it since Simon turned 2 (it was the book we got him for his birthday), but it seemed so very far away—all the way up in Inwood. The train ride was long, but not unusually so, and the walk down to the water was not too long either. And the view and the space was 100% worth it. I am nearly counting down the days until Felix is big enough to put on a bike and we can bike there as a family. (It’s only 12 miles—we could totally do it.)


Oddly, I’ve offered to take the kids to the beach a couple of times, even though it scares me to attempt it on my own. And each time they pick some other activity. Apparently, the only thing that stuck from our beach trip at the end of June was the sand, literally. Getting the sand off their skin before we got back on the train left them feeling a little raw. Not something they are eager to repeat. Which, of course is crazy. And despite my successes in getting us out and about, I do feel like the summer might be blighted if I don’t conquer the beach trip before school starts.

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