moments from oHIo

moments from oHIo

I’m trying to think of the best moments of our trip to Ohio. It could have been going through Micah’s dad’s artwork and other mementos from Micah’s past. I always love to get to know Dad Heiselt a little bit better through his art—and to see where Micah gets some of his skills as well. The duck mask was something I’d heard about but never seen until this trip and suddenly Micah’s Halloween costumes make much more sense.


Running the road near Bente’s house was also one of my faves. It was gravelly and hilly and quiet. I saw more animals than people, and the people I did see seemed quite surprised to see me.


The day at the zoo was a winner as well. It rained a lot, but thankfully we have trained our children to not mind getting wet and so we had a great day despite the weather. We rode the carousel, saw a bunch of monkeys (in addition to the ones we brought ourselves) and I died a thousand times over Oliver and his fanny pack. His whole get up had me imagining 20 years from now when we get to pull out old photos to show his girlfriend.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

And speaking of wardrobe choices, I again just about died watching Elsa and her cousins play dressups. She walked in to show me her outfit a couple of times and I hardly recognized her. It was magical.


Another magical moment: the kids jumping on the trampoline with their cousins as the sunset. Great view. Great company. Great photo. It’s my unofficial submission for the unofficial “this is the essence of summer” photo contest.


But then there was also the moment when Simon was so excited to ride the high wire unicycle at COSI and he waited and waited and waited in line, and asked Micah to take a video from his level and me to take one from below. And then he got to the front of the line and they started to strap him into the harness and he realized that this was actually pretty scary and . . . he did it anyway. I could see from down below that he was a bit nervous, but so excited to have done it.


Finally, there was the moment when we sat down to lunch the last day we were at Mom Heiselt’s and Simon looked a little teary. I was sure it was because he saw we were have leftover stir-fry that he really hadn’t liked the first time, but when pressed, he tearfully told us it was, “Leaving Grandma’s house.” (And that is when he won the award for favorite grandchild of the hour.)

And it was also the payoff, the indication that all these little moments are indeed going to add up to happy memories and strong relationships, bit by bit over the years. *fingers crossed*

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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