just desserts

just desserts


Back in the day, when I was but a lass of 6, my first grade teacher bribed her students to read by offering ice cream for every 9 books completed. To the best of my knowledge, I read 9 books every day that the incentive program lasted and was rewarded accordingly.

A few months ago that popped into my head as we were discussing rewards for the goal of the kids reading their scriptures every day for 100 days. We kept track of the days with paper ice cream scoops—same as I did in first grade—and when we reached 100, we totally treated ourselves.

elsashake simonshakeolivershake

Those are milkshakes from Black Tap. We waited in line for less than an hour and then slurped up about as much sugar and cream as we could hold. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to eat it all. But it had the eye-popping effect we were going for and we felt that our efforts were rewarded.

We taped 100 paper scoops to the door day by day and now we are taking the scoops off day by day as well. Once the door is clear again, we have another excursion planned, but for better or worse, it will not be quite so sweet or creamy.


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