felix pelix lemon squealix

felix pelix lemon squealix

It’s been a while since this boy has made an appearance. Mostly I just want to keep him all to myself, but sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and let others enjoy him too.


So here’s the down low on Felix these days:

—he rolls from front to back

—he laughs sometimes

—he drools like his mouth sprung a leak

—he’s pretty good at sitting

—he sleeps through the night pretty reliably

—he likes to stand up

—he has the best beach body

And his siblings adore him. Of course.


Simon is a master at keeping him happy with his humming/clicking/dancing (see below).

Oliver and Elsa are quick to jump into his crib with him if they hear him crying.

And we’re all counting down the months until he is old enough to ride on the bike so we can all cruise around Brooklyn together.

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3 thoughts on “felix pelix lemon squealix

  1. You are right. He does have the best beach body. Aaaahhh!! I just want to squeeze him! And kiss his face off! And nibble his cheeks. So, basically you should probably keep me away from him for the safety of your child. 😉

    And what is with this drooling thing? Elora has a similar ailment, but hers consists of wetting all of her clothes with regurgitated milk, not just saliva. Yay.

    Love the dance Simon! Lookin’ good!

  2. Simon has the moves!

    And, as has been mentioned already, he (Felix) does have an incredible beach body. I’m also a fan of the drool spot on his onesie. It’s okay that your mouth springs leaks buddy. I just love everything about you!

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