elsa is 4

elsa is 4

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This girl is too much. I can’t even. Heart is bursting. Soul is swelling. I’m feeling very humbled that we get to raise her and watch her grow. I’m feeling so grateful that we are lucky enough to have her. I’m feeling a tinge (or several) of sadness that we can’t hold on to these days and stages forever.

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Elsa is my buddy and my pal. She always tries to find a way to help me in the kitchen (even when I tell her that the best way to help is to go play somewhere else). She’s always game to play with her brothers and be in on whatever they have going on. She will not hesitate to name her dad as her favorite parent and takes any opportunity to spend more time with him.

Nearly every single day for the past year she has had some comment to make about her birthday: what her cake would look like, what she could do when she was 4, who would be there . . . all kinds of hopes and dreams. And when it came down to it, she wanted berries on her cake and a few friends to share it with. And to wear her new bunny dress. Her wish is my command.

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In the past few weeks she has learned to ride a pedal bike, demonstrated serious skills on the climbing rope in the kids’ bedroom, and gotten better at reading. She still comes out and sleeps on the couch almost every night, is the most likely of my kids to make herself some food if she’s hungry, and has tried to get Felix out of his crib and bring him to me a couple of times.


She’s a strong girl and a strong personality and boy oh boy are we glad we have this girl.

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  1. I love her. Everything about her. I wish that my girls had more opportunities to play with her and get to know her. I can only imagine the hilarious conversations they’d have together.

    This post is awesome. I absolutely love the pictures. All of them. Happy birthday Elsa!!

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