Big fans of balance bikes over here. Elsa has been cruising around on hers for about 2 years now, and leaving a wide eyes and dropped jaws in her wake. How could such a small person be so quick and agile on a bike? We’ve enjoyed watching her on it.

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But she’s nearly 4 now, and altogether too old for such things. (Okay, not really, but there is a little boy down the street who has been waiting patiently for Elsa to outgrow her balance bike so he can borrow it.) We put our little red Radio Flyer bike back together and took her out the other night for a spin.

As with the older boys, she was a bit of a slow start. We went up the street and down the street and coordinating the pedaling with the steering was a bit of a challenge. But by our second pass she was getting it, and she insisted on trying to get around the block before we went home—which she did, though not without lots of stopping and starting.

The next day I took her out again to go to the library. She struggled mightily with the “hill” on the way there, but something switched on the way home and she cruised up a much steeper hill without much trouble. And even managed to get herself started a couple of times.

Now the tricky part is the brakes: she still drags her feet to stop. I suppose we can give her some time to get that down, especially since she basically mastered the rest of it in less than an hour.

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  1. I’m beginning to think that anything requiring physical prowess will be second nature to this force of nature. Way to put that bike through its paces little lady!

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