oliver’s teeth

oliver’s teeth

I thought that baby mouths are the ones with most of the drama. Teeth busting out, sleepless nights, drool covered clothes, and fingers gnawed to the point of pain. But Oliver’s mouth has given us quite a bit of joy the past couple of months as well.

It started with a swollen cheek, which he was sent to the nurse’s office for. I immediately catastrophized it into a salivary gland infection or possibly cancer (because moms are like that) and took him to the doctor who told me to go to the dentist.

The dentist said he had a molar coming in and that was it. And he also said he had a little cavity that would probably not be a problem as long as we kept brushing.

So we kept brushing and a month later I looked in Oliver’s mouth and noticed that half of one of his teeth was gone. The cavity was not so little any more. I took him to a different dentist who was surprised that Oliver wasn’t howling in pain since his tooth was eaten down to the pulp. He filled the tooth and we were on with our lives.

But during this time there was also a lot of moving and shaking going on. Suddenly all these gaps started opening up in Oliver’s mouth as teeth loosened and made way for new teeth. He lost a couple of them. And now he looks exactly like an almost-7-year old boy should look:

olivers teeth

Mismatched teeth, funny gaps, teeth half emerged, the works. Tell me that isn’t the best smile you’ve seen all week.

2 thoughts on “oliver’s teeth

  1. What??! Does he have no sensitivity in his teeth?! I can’t believe a dentist told you to not worry about it when a month later it was half gone! Ack! But really, what a cutie. In the pictures of your 4th of July getaway, Oliver looks older. And here’s the proof!

  2. It is absolutely the best smile I’ve seen all week! I’m glad he wasn’t howling in pain for you and hope that his teeth don’t give you (or him) much more trouble.

    Also, why are we like that as Mom’s?? Ugh!

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