no more school days

no more school days

Those last few weeks of school are . . . busy. Celebrations and performances. Field trips and parties. And lots of work coming home. My favorite from Oliver’s backpack:


“If I could get to scool with any kind of transportation I would use a flying whale. It would be Invisible so you can’t see it. It would have a sleeping bag so I could sleep. It would be a normal whale with a diselusment charm and levitating charm on it. I got the charms from Flitwick and the whale from my backyard. I would get home by flying It. I keep it in my pocket while it is small. I mini turves it to I can carry it around. Oh, one more thing bye”

Both boys had a really great year. Simon wrote to his teacher that he hopes she moves up to 4th grade too. And Oliver’s teacher was so patient and persistent in helping him push himself and be more focused. It is always hard to say good bye. Actually, this is how I felt this year: Those last few days of school I was feeling very grateful for those ladies who were in the classroom with my sons all year. Then the morning of I was feeling frazzled about getting there on time and worried about not being able to express how grateful we were. And then the moment we said goodbye to the teachers there were tears in my eyes. And then the moment they were gone it was, “Let’s go party.”


But again: great year. Lots of growth from the boys. Lots of great moments. Can’t believe the year has gone and we’re looking at bigger numbers next year: 4th grade and 2nd.

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  1. I like that he found the whale in his backyard, especially since you live in an apartment complex, and it could be argued that your backyard is a balcony. That presents a pretty great mental picture: a whale hanging out on a NYC balcony with a sleeping bag on it. What an imaginitive kid!

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