The kids had the day off last Thursday, so of course we got up at the normal time and headed into Manhattan anyway. There was a rally at city hall to promote putting speed safety cameras outside every school in NYC. We decided it was a worthy endeavor, especially since we are kind of anti-car and love any opportunity to remind drivers that cyclists and pedestrians are people too. IMG_0003

We were a little late, but we suited up in some t-shirts and held some signs and stood on listened to speeches and participated in whatever call-and-response happened. And I took a bunch of pictures. I must admit to being a little camera-happy because I wanted to post on instagram and promote the cause among my friends and followers. But I was also a little clueless and awkward and ended up getting the kids in some photos that were supposed to be just school groups who have had a student killed by a car on the way to or from school. Oops.


Even though I felt a little uncomfortable and awkward—not being the rallying type—I was glad we went. And the kids seemed to be happy to have gone as well. When we talked about it afterward, they were a little confused about parts of it (Why did we sometimes yell “Every school!”? What were the speakers talking about? Why did they want to take so many pictures?) but were happy to have supported the cause. They did say, however, that what they really want is more protected bike lanes, so if we go to another rally, it better be for cyclist safety. I think we can definitely raise our voices in favor of that.

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