So, years and years ago, back when I was a young and tender Beehive, or maybe Mia Maid (surely I couldn’t have been a Laurel?), I made this rag doll to represent my 5th great-grandmother, Serena. Serena who came from Norway after having been converted to the gospel. She left her home despite being offered gold by her brother if she stayed. She took her kids across the plains by herself because her husband had died back in Norway. She was a strong woman and an inspiration to her descendants. So I made a doll to memorialize her.

I had limited sewing skills and limited access to sewing machines, so her dress and hair and face were glued on with hot glue. And it wasn’t until I was finished that I realized that I’d glued her hair and face to the wrong sides of her head. Under her long skirt, her feet were facing backward. But her skirts were long, so no one could see.

Well, over the years, she’s done a lot of traveling, and since Elsa joined the family, she’s become at home with the toys. Despite having been told that her name was Serena, and that she was modeled after my great-grandmother, Elsa has insisted on calling her Braidy. And also on pulling her blue button eyes and her pink fabric mouth off. They were just glued on, so it wasn’t too hard.

So she’s become a little dirty and a little faceless. Until a few weeks ago, when Elsa insisted I put her face back on. She found some buttons in my sewing box and took away all my excuses, so I dove right in and within, oh, 10 minutes, Serena/Braidy had a new face.


And then I looked at her and realized that maybe I should I have taken an extra 10 minutes to make her look good. Or maybe to practice what I was doing. Or even watch some YouTube videos to get some pointers. But I didn’t. And now she looks . . . well, as Micah said, she looks like she would be right at home in a Tim Burton movie. And that it makes more sense that she has her feet on backward now.

Haha. Haha. Maybe one day I’ll start all over and get Serena right. But this is a fun little addition to Serena’s history for the time being.

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