Everyone wants to know what the other kids think of Felix. And the answer is that they think he is pretty great. Photographic evidence:



Simon has been great to just go and pick Felix up and talk to him and rock him when I am making dinner or otherwise need both my arms.

And at first Oliver and Elsa were mostly just quick to check in, “Oh, Felix, you’re so cute!” kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss! And then run and play. But over the past few days they have been eager to be more involved in his life, even to the point of taking over a couple of diaper changes.


(btw, Oliver and Elsa are totally joined at the hip—which is completely adorable in its own right, but probably the subject of a different post.)

So far I feel really #blessed that the kids are all more or less on the same team and have strong relationships with each other. Fingers crossed that this is an enduring characteristic of our family.

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