Oliver is such a funny little boy. When we realized his tooth was loose a few weeks ago, he suddenly became unable to eat or speak normally. He spoke with his mouth closed and went back and forth between needing apples and carrots and not being able to chew even the softest foods.

He was also surprisingly daring in his determination to actually get his tooth out. Simon was completely disinterested in speeding up the process in anyway, but Oliver was game to wiggle his tooth on his own and even have Micah have a go at it. This is shocking for a boy who becomes completely disabled if has even a small scrape on his little finger.

But despite his daring, it was actually one night last week as he was brushing his teeth that it happened. He put his toothbrush in his mouth and his tooth clattered to the floor. We were all thrilled for him.toothlessoliver

And he was pretty great about the tooth fairy as well. Before he went to bed he poked his head out a couple of times to give us a status update on where he and the tooth would be in case we were curious. The tooth was in his stuffed turtle’s (Shuffles) mouth. And both he and Shuffles would be sleeping on Simon’s bed.

His excitement/direction paid off because the tooth fairy, who has been known to not show up several nights in a row when Simon has lost teeth, was very prompt in leaving some cash for the boy.

3 thoughts on “tooth-less

  1. I know that I’ve mentioned this a time or two before, but I love that boy!! I think it’s fantastic that he left his tooth in his turtle’s mouth. Shuffles, what a fantastic name! And I especially love that he was so persistent in letting you know where he and his tooth would be. That’s an excellent life skill if you ask me. :)

  2. Yeah Oliver! Way to be brave! And to give regular updates on the location of the tooth! That way the tooth fairy doesn’t have to play private eye.

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