hobo sleepers

hobo sleepers

We got some big boxes a few weeks ago and Oliver and Elsa, wonderful children that they are, thought it would be fun to sleep in them. Micah and I nodded and smiled and said, “Okay whatever,” and closed the door, knowing they would get cramped and end up in their beds.

But then before we went to bed we checked on them and found this:


Little hobos. We moved them back to their beds after we captured the moment for our own enjoyment/posterity.

And since we’re on my favorite photographic subject (sleeping children, in case you forgot), here’s another of Miss Elsa. I had to take a photo because over the past few months she has almost made it a habit of falling asleep on the train when we’re on the way to pick the boys up from school. Which means I have to carry her little sleeping body (on top of my big pregnant belly) for the 15 minute walk to school, and sometimes back to the train station as well. Her saving grace is that she’s a beautiful sleeper and I couldn’t bear to abandon her on the side of the road, even to save my aching back.


(Side notes: 1. I have noticed that it has gotten much easier to carry her that distance over the course of this winter. 2. It seems as though my normal activity level has made it nearly impossible to induce labor through exertion. I’ve biked to and from Costco—which means I’m going uphill with a couple hundred dollars worth of bulk purchases, walked and run several miles, carried that sleeping girl for 30 minutes, lugged our enormous laundry bag home from the laundromat, and . . . nothing. My body seems to not notice and take it in stride. Or maybe this baby just isn’t ready to come out yet. Bummer.)

One thought on “hobo sleepers

  1. This makes me really happy. And that photo of Elsa is so precious. I’m glad you captured her like that and that you didn’t abandon her on the side of the road. 😉

    Also, who are you anyway??? Your side notes stressed me out just reading them and I’m suddenly feeling incredibly exhausted! So glad little Felix is here safe and sound.

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