baby love

baby love

I realized several weeks ago that this pregnancy is virtually undocumented. I haven’t been writing as much as I would like, I haven’t taken many/any photos. So I decided to at least document some of the things I’m doing to prepare. (That includes the rocking chair pads I blogged about earlier.)

One of the easy projects, but that has been meaningful to me because it has really helped me to visualize having this baby and holding him close, was to make a moby wrap. I’ve been wearing babies around NYC for 8 1/2 years and it seems a shame not to have a moby wrap, so I found some fabric I liked for sale and made one.


Elsa was kind enough to model with her “baby” kitty Nuggy.

And with the scraps I made a hat and some pants for the little dude. (I made some more pants and another hat from leftovers of the boys’ foxy Christmas pants, but they are, as yet, unphotographed.)


So there’s the proof that I am anticipating and preparing and excited about this little baby’s arrival. Hoping we get to meet him by the end of the week.

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