‘nastics girl

‘nastics girl

For months now Elsa has been talking about her “‘nastics class.” This was before Micah and I really considered signing her up for one. But she was sure it was happening, and she would sometimes practice “back flips” on our bed. (Imagine a 3 year-old running around and randomly flopping on her back. And sometimes doing a forward roll.)

But there was also the couple of months in which she could not NOT be upside down. Always with the handstands! Usually against a wall or on the couch. She was determined to get it right. And cartwheels too. No matter that she often ended up bonking her head before she made it all the way back to her feet, she was going to learn to do a cartwheel.

So with that kind of drive and determination in evidence, we took her to a trial class at a little gym not too far away last month, and then signed her up to start the next round of classes. The class didn’t start until this week, and for the past week we have had the privilege of having her ask every day if it is Saturdayyet and talk about how her ‘nastics class starts “tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow” finally came, and not even a blizzard could dampen her enthusiasm (or close the gym . . . at least for the morning class). She (and Micah) made it through the snow and she got to spend an hour doing things like leap frog and trampoline jumps and swinging on the bar and I don’t know exactly what else. But she was thrilled. And excited to wear her leotard as well.

We are excited for her, of course, and look forward to seeing what she can do. I have no doubt she’ll be doing real back flips before we know it.

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  1. Oh, keep us posted on how she does! She’s totally rocking that leotard and I’m excited to see if she wants to stick with it!

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