nye in nyc

nye in nyc

New Years’ Eve is one of a couple of holidays that I feel like we never really get right. It’s a week after Christmas and 3 days after our anniversary, and by the time we get around to thinking about it (unless someone else has done it for us and we have been invited somewhere) it generally consists of: “Let’s watch a movie or stream tv shows until midnight.” But staying up until midnight is kind of an everyday occurrence for us, which makes it not at all challenging and somewhat anti-climactic.

This year we decided to live on the wild side and we let the boys stay up watching movies with us. Big change. Totally made things special.

And actually we killed two rites of passage with one stone: “Flight of the Navigator” and their first New Year’s Eve all in one night. Super special.

Unfortunately, the movie didn’t get us all the way to midnight, so the boys filled in with a round of Robot Turtles, which went well since no one loses. (Which doesn’t mean they didn’t try to find a way to “win” anyway.)

But even that fell short of the mark by about 10 minutes. I was sure Oliver would crash and miss the festivities by 5 minutes or less, but he surprised me and was awake to watch fireworks from our balcony. (Never mind that the fireworks were a reflection off the building on the next block . . . it was still cool, okay?)

So, good times. I’m not sure I’d want to turn that little mess into our NYE tradition, but having the boys along for the ride was something I would do again, just to spice up our normal routine.

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