simon rides to school

simon rides to school

Several weeks ago as Micah was taking the boys to school, they ran into a friend from Simon’s class who was also biking to school with his mom and sister. Only he was on his own bike. Simon’s eyes got wide and he said, “Can I do that?” (His friend only lives 2-3 miles from the school, compared with 5 for us.)

Well, we knew he probably could. He can ride 5 miles pretty easily, as he did it many times over the summer while I ran around the park. The bigger question was how long would it take? Because he is young enough to ride on the sidewalk still (and will be for several years) we weren’t too worried about traffic. We thought that the weather would make it a moot point until spring, and that then the baby would make it equally difficult/impractical for him to ride to school (or, more accurately, home from school since I won’t be able to take the baby on the bike until he is a year old). But since got up to nearly 70 degrees this week, we let him make a test run.

He and Micah headed out Saturday afternoon while I took Oliver and Elsa on a bike ride/run around the block. About an hour later Micah let me know that they made it safe and sound and were getting a celebratory slice of pizza. It took Simon about 50 minutes to ride, which is about the same amount of time it takes on the train, but it’s $2.75 cheaper.

I don’t know if it’s something we’ll really be able to do this winter . . . or any time soon, really, but it’s good to know he can. Because as much as I love the idea of putting 4 kids on the bike . . . I don’t really love the idea of pedaling up the bridge with 4 kids on the bike.

So thanks, Simon, for that.

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