halloween 2015: we’re so bugged

halloween 2015: we’re so bugged

This is how we do Halloween: someone picks a costume idea. Everyone else comes up with something related. That’s how we got our magical act 2 years ago and the mythical creatures from last year. And this year it was Oliver’s fascination with pillbugs that brought us to where we ended up on Halloween this year—a place with lots of extra legs.

Once again, Micah worked magic with found resources (for the most part—though we did “splurge” on the lights for our firefly) and we were all bugged out and ready to go by 5:00 on Halloween night. Well, everyone except Micah. We decided that since he was the bug master, he was probably an entomologist, and we all know that entomologists look just like everyone else.

But the bugs pretty much killed it on the streets of Brooklyn this year. The pillbug was an especial favorite of many passersby, though I will say that it was super handy to have a firefly leading the way—”Follow Simon’s light!” And the ladybug was quite the lady as well, practically yelling her thanks to everyone who put a candy in her bucket. She also pulled each candy back out of her bucket to show her parents what she had been given for probably the first dozen or so houses. Adorbs.

Oliver said that if we got enough candy to fill up the big jar, we should celebrate by each eating a piece. Boy after my own heart. I’m happy to report we made the goal—and we are looking forward to later this week (when we’re slightly less sugared-out) to make our annual Halloween stash milkshake. (Sometimes, and I just have to say it, I think we have the best traditions.)

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  1. So cool, yet again! I will have to show these to my niece. She has been obsessed with bugs for years. This year she was a spider queen for halloween and last year she was a cockroach. My sister made her a pill bug stuffed animal by taking apart a rhino stuffed animal and rearranging it.

    I want to hear more about this milkshake!

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