growing some runners

growing some runners

A couple of days before this year’s Miles for Midwives 5K, Oliver suggested that maybe he run home from school the next day. You know, to practice for the race. He and Simon had committed to running it a few weeks earlier and it is true that although we signed them up, we did nothing else to prepare them to run the race.

But they did it anyway. Simon decided that this year (his 2nd year running the race), he wanted to run the whole thing. No walk breaks. And Oliver just wanted to finish. Micah and I went back and forth on who would actually compete this year, and who would push the stroller, but in the end we decided to focus on the boys. Micah paced Simon to the finish, and I ran with Oliver and Elsa (who cheered us on from the stroller).

It was a cold morning, but we were very grateful that it wasn’t raining like it was last year. We dressed the kids as warmly as we dared and let Elsa take half her stuffed animal collection to appease her for not getting to run with everyone else.

Simon and Micah ran a very steady, conversational pace and managed to achieve the goal of running the whole thing. Simon also cut a several minutes off his previous 5K time and PR’ed at about 40 minutes. Oliver had some highlights too. He was more comfortable with the run/walk approach, and did really well with it for the first half of the race. He even ran the entire way up Devastation Pass. But soon after he made it to the top, he said one of his legs was hurting. He was limping a bit, and hardly able to walk, so I put him in the stroller. After about 3/4 of a mile, I kicked him out and he ran the last 1/2 mile or so on his own two legs. So mission accomplished on that front, too.

We’re obviously very proud of our little crew. And while I don’t think I’ll be letting Oliver run home from school any time soon (it’s 5 miles), I do think it may be worth making sure the boys have a chance to “practice” before next year’s race.

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