9 miles

9 miles

There were several really great moments on yesterday’s 9 mile bike ride, but I think my favorite was when I was telling Oliver, as we pedaled our way up a moderately steep hill, that this was the hardest part and if he reached the light, it would be much easier after that. He decided otherwise.

“Actually,” he said, putting on the gas, “it’s the easiest part!” and he cruised past me as quick as he could.

We were nearing the home stretch at that point and I was sure he’d be tired and ready to give up. But I was wrong.

Yesterday was the first day of Summer Streets in Manhattan, where Park Ave is closed to cars from 72nd down to the Brooklyn Bridge. We wanted to take advantage of the opportunity, so Micah rode the Firebolt (with the boys’ bikes strapped to it) up to the Park and 60th, and I took the kids and the other bike on the train to meet him. We planned to take our sweet time riding the course, stopping as often as the boys needed. Which turned out to be once.

So we rode down to the Brooklyn Bridge. And then we kept going. We thought Simon could probably make it to the other side. And we thought Oliver would probably have had enough before we got to the top. But we were wrong. They both killed it up the bridge and were game to keep on going. (It was nice to see that even though our little gang was a little slow, when other cyclists did pass, they were quick to give the boys encouragement.)

By the time we made it home, the boys seemed more excited than exhausted. Micah and I were probably a little too proud of their accomplishment, but then, we’d never really tested them before. We knew they could go around the park because they’ve been accompanying me while I run. (Elsa rides in the stroller.) But at 5 miles, that seemed pretty far for a 5 year old. (Simon’s been doing that distance for a year, so it’s less of a surprise for him.

It’s crazy to me that just a year ago Oliver was informing me, as he rode his bike to the park for the very first time, that a hard worker and tireless learner is actually called a rockstar. How far he’s come. And how far they went.

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