nearly toothless simon

nearly toothless simon

Oliver woke me up this morning with big news: Simon’s tooth was even looser. He might as well have told me the baby was on its way. We have been looking forward to Simon losing his two front teeth for the better part of the year. I think he first noticed they were loose in January. So this news that they were even looser really was big news. For real.

Simon couldn’t finish his granola. It was hard to eat with his tooth being so loose. So I gave him some toast. Bread must have magical mystical properties because he now credits it with helping him lose two of his teeth.

Once that tooth was out, the other must have gotten super jealous because it start looking mighty dangly. We thought he might lose it at the doctor’s office this afternoon. And then while he was eating some free sample cookies at the grocery store he had another moment of shock when he bit just wrong enough to feel a twinge and drop his cookies. But no dice. The tooth still dangled.

But Simon pieman, pudding and pie hadn’t yet stuck in his tooth and pulled out a plum. Or something. That’s how it goes, right? Well, whatever. It was the plum. I don’t know if he actually bit it, but that was what was in his mouth when the tooth came out, so that is what gets the credit.

I’m pleased as punch that he’s slightly toothless. My only twinge of sadness comes from the fact that his big teeth are already visible and so he likely won’t have a toothless school photo when he gets his pictures taken in a month and half. Too bad.


ps Other biggish news for Simon: he starts piano lessons with a new teacher next week. We are really excited to see what comes from this new partnership.

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