the missing

the missing

The boys got out of school Friday and we hopped on a plane Tuesday for our summer vacation. I didn’t stress about it one single bit until Tuesday afternoon when everything (I thought) was packed and I was left with pretty much nothing to do until we had to head to the airport. That’s when I started pacing and worrying and fretting about how we would survive the next week without Micah, who couldn’t take off the entire 3 weeks that we’d planned on.

(Oliver at the airport: “They said no water, no juice, and no soda, but that means you could still have beer. And “I just want to get to the gate and cuddle with something soft.” And “Maybe our flight was delayed because the plane got in a battle.”)

He came home early from work with bagels for us to have for dinner at the airport, and we said goodbye at the train station. I took the kids on 4 trains and a plane by myself. (Just FYI: taking 3 kids who can walk and use the restroom and eat by themselves is 100% easier than taking one kid who can only walk by himself. Also, we only had 1 checked bag and 3 backpacks. Packing light is key.)

(Elsa was all about the emergency procedures; Simon had his unicorn to keep him from being lonely.)

So that means that he missed Elsa’s excitement about taking her first flight that she is aware of. He missed Simon sitting apart from the family for the first time. (He sat in the row ahead of me and the other kids.) He missed Elsa climbing a tree for the first time. He missed Simon trying his darnedest to properly roast a marshmallow. And he missed Oliver’s and Elsa’s first experience with fireworks. (Simon wasn’t interested in sitting and waiting for them to start, so he stayed back at my parents’ house.)

(This little kitty almost got stuck up in a tree. But not really. She was totally fearless.)

We are having a good time. We are relaxing and playing and letting the kids have more freedom to roam than they have in Brooklyn. But at the same time, we are missing Micah. It doesn’t feel quite right to be making memories without him. It’s like there is a hole in the snapshot memories I have in my head of the past week.

(Oliver and Elsa kept themselves well entertained while we waited for the fireworks to start.)

(As you can see, Simon has excellent marshmallow roasting form.)

And I really can’t wait to have our family altogether again.

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