saturday scenes

saturday scenes

It is very rare, I’ve found, that you are able to get the perfect balance on a Saturday. Too many activities and you end up feeling wasted and tired by the end of the weekend. Too little and you feel like life is running away from you. And then you must factor in the necessity of actually “getting something done”: working on a project, cleaning a week’s worth of dirt from off the kitchen floor, that sort of thing.

Having said all that, I humbly submit that yesterday, we did it right. We found the balance. We won at Saturday.

Sleep in? Check.

Chores? Check.

5-mile run? Check.

Project progress? Check and check.

Birthday party? Check.

Chill time at the park? Check.

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know. We did it right for once. (Next week, not so much.)

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