2nd annual pie eating contest

2nd annual pie eating contest

 We went with the chocolate cream pie this year—as did most of the competition. I will say, however, that most of the competition got their pudding from a snack pack whereas ours was (of course) homemade with only the best ingredients. (Cocoa, heavy cream, half and half, milk, chopped chocolate, egg yolks . . . .) Ours had a crust, too, which many of our competitors lacked. (Can we really call it a pie eating contest if there is no crust?)

 So it was obviously not a level playing field. But they worked hard at it and did their best. No hands were allowed, of course, and the way my kids dove head first into their slice of pie caused some to question whether we had trained for this event (of course! 3 hours every day after school!), but I like to think that it was really the superiority of the pie itself that made it almost magnetic to the mouths of my kids.

 And while they may not have finished first, they had to have won for best beards. Obviously.

2 thoughts on “2nd annual pie eating contest

  1. That pie sounds amazing!! Of course it was homemade! 😉 Your kids really are adorable- chocolate beards and all.

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