the show must go on . . .

the show must go on . . .

Even if the star has strep.

On Wednesday, Simon had a fever of 103 when he got home from school. He seemed tired, but had no other symptoms.

On Thursday, he stayed home from school.

On Friday, he seemed better, so he went to school. A little before 1:00 I got a call from the nurse’s office saying he was there and his temp was 101.9. By the time I got there it was 104 and the nurse was surprised he was even able to stand up and walk down the hallway.

On Saturday he was still hot and tired. And then we noticed he was no longer moving his head. Stiff neck. And a temp of 104. Not good. Especially since today, Sunday, was his big day. He was getting baptized! We had family coming to town! Micah took him to the urgent care down the street and he was diagnosed with strep.


But, like I said, the show must go on. So he stayed home from church, but not from his baptism. The service was small and simple. I had expected someone (the bishop? the primary president?) to offer some help and guidance, but they didn’t so we came up with a program on our own. Micah conducted. Cousin Hilary gave a prayer. Micah spoke on baptism. Oliver did an impromptu solo of The Fourth Article of Faith. I spoke on the Holy Ghost. Simon and I played a duet of “When I am Baptized” (he did the right hand, I did the left) while Micah and Oliver and Elsa sang. Then Micah performed the baptism. The congregation wrote notes and drew pictures for Simon while he got changed. And then Micah and several other men (including my brothers Jon and Chris) performed the confirmation blessing. (During which Elsa needed to use the bathroom. I stalled her as long as I could so I could hear the blessing, and crises and puddles were averted.) And because the next ward needed the room we were in, remarks from the bishop and primary president were nixed. Instead, we went outside for fruit, cookies, and clover hunting.

Simon was in good spirits the entire time, though by the time all was said and done and we rode our bikes away from the church, he was tired. He had a hard time keeping his eyes open on the ride home. His rest was well-earned, I thought, for an excellent performance when it mattered most.

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  1. Yay Simon! What a trooper. And what an exciting day for everyone…too bad you all couldn’t go out and celebrate with a bang. Such bad timing for strep!! Looks and sounds like his program went great. Congrats to the eight year old!

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