For a long time it’s been “versus.”

“Race you to the door!”

“I’ll beat you!”

“I’m going to get there first!”

But lately I’ve been hearing something else:

“Go Oliver! Go go go!”

“Let’s do it together.”



I credit some of this to video gaming, in which the boys are on the same MarioKart team. And some of it to our insistence that they work together in doing chores. And a bit more to the condition that they can ride ahead on their bikes as long as they stick together.

But whatever truly spurred this new development doesn’t matter so much as that it is there. And we are trying to nurture it generously without killing it.

We are hoping that it gets to a place in which the story from Elder Holland’s talk this past weekend could be true of our kids, too. (Not that we want our teenagers free-climbing by themselves or anything, but you get the idea . . . .)

One thought on ““partners!”

  1. Amen! My husband always tells me that he doesn’t really mind if our kids are getting into innocent mischief IF, IF they are conspiring together. I think he’s right. I just want our kids to feel like they are on a team, together.

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