parent teacher conferences

parent teacher conferences

This time we learned that, based on his handwriting, Oliver might be a doctor when he grows up.

He is still going through a monochrome phase. Mostly yellow, sometimes peach.

He gets pulled out in the hall to do math. This is a good thing, we are told.

He is good at decoding, but scared of connecting. (In literature, not in life.)

It is possible that he sometimes gets a little tired/lazy during science work.

Simon, on the other hand (or possibly on the same hand), always reads during choice time. This is heartbreaking to his teacher who would love to see him play with the other kids more.

He works really hard, and also really long. Maybe too long, sometimes. No surprise there.

He tries so so so so so so hard to be good and is sometimes sad when he doesn’t get any recognition for it. (Amen, little man.)

Maybe sometimes he could push himself a tiny tiny bit more. Well, maybe not could. Maybe should. Because he obviously can.

His teacher wishes she could have 28 of him in her class.

Even if it was a coldish and rainy day, and even if we were out on the bike in it, it was obvious that the only thing to do for such wonderful little men was get a couple of cones from the ice cream truck to share.

So we did.

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  1. I love the way you wrote this. And keep up the good work, dudes! Oliver, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t color the world yellow. Simon, I also feel ya on the recognition thing. It gets better. Or maybe it doesn’t, but hopefully you (I) will not always equate recognition with reward.

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