domestic goddess in training

domestic goddess in training

I know you all think that I have this “homemaker” thing wired, but you are wrong because even if I can make a tasty meal and keep a passably clean house, part of being a homemaker is creating things that are pleasing to the eye, correct? And with approximately 10 years of homemakery under my belt, I thought it was about time I got serious about such things.

The past two Mondays I spent a few hours at the New York Cake Academy learning how to make cakes look pretty. I feel fairly competent in the baking aspect of cakery, but the decorating aspect . . . not so much. What I learned from the endeavor is that 1. I have shaky hands and 2. I can possibly make cakes look pretty, with a little more practice. Behold, the results of my labors:

I also decided that it is high time I made good on my pledge to make some quilts for my kids. Like, real quilts. For real beds. I spent a long time looking at quilts, pondering patterns and color schemes, wanting to make each quilt something special and meaningful for the child, something that reflects them and their interests and is full of things they like. And then I realized that it was probably more important to just make the darn quilt, so I picked a pattern that I liked and that seemed fairly simple without looking too much like a beginner’s quilt. And then I spent a couple of hours at a fabric store trying to figure out how to proceed there. (I had Elsa with me and she was not terribly helpful.)

Thankfully, Micah’s work was only a few blocks away so when he had a minute (or an hour) he came over and rescued me from all the decision making. Within 30 minutes or so we had all the fabric picked and paid for.

I’ve been working semi-diligently ever since to cut and sew the blocks. It is beginning to come together and if all goes well I will have the top done in a month or so (no promises).

So now that I’ve earned my cake decorating badge and I’m working on my quilting badge, what other skills do I need to master before I can officially become a domestic goddess? 

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  1. Bravo! One tip on the quilts: a border made with a doubled strip of fabric will last twice as long before fraying. As far as other merit badges, embroidery? And if that one has been phased out, you could always make your own once you’ve learned the skill.

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