pi day perfection

pi day perfection

I was only going to make 4 pies. That was the plan: 2 sweet, 2 savory. But things never goes as planned, and on Saturday afternoon when our friends began to arrive to celebrate circles and their diametric ratios, there were already 5 pies on the table. See, things never turn out as planned. 

Unfortunately, I did not count how many additional pies showed up. I do know we had lime pie, potato pie, pickle pie, two chocolate cream pies, potato-tomato-kale quiche, deep dish apple, peanut butter, cherry, and pretty much all of my favorite things, baked into pies.

That part went exactly as planned. 


But somehow, an hour after the advertised ending time had passed we still had a crowd gathered in our kitchen. So, not exactly according to plan. 

I’ll take it anyway. 

Oh, and we ended up with less than 5 pies left in our fridge, once all the eating and exchanging and abandoning was finished. So that feels like a win, too. 

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