piano men

piano men

As I write this, Simon is sitting at our e-piano, playing with scales and plunking out simple tunes. He should be in bed, of course, but Micah and I are having such a good time listening to him play that we’re letting it slide.

He’s been taking lessons for almost two months now and while he is clearly a beginner, he has really jumped in and is pushing his knowledge every week. He totally owned “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and all its variations from week 1 and he hasn’t let up.

He has even inspired Oliver to give it a go. Mr. Squish is not yet taking formal lessons, but our piano teacher has graciously tried to include him the past couple of lessons so that we can get a feel for whether or not he is ready to sit and play. And Oliver’s enthusiasm for even the littlest things is something to behold. Learning to bow was such a trip that after he did it for the first time, he collapsed and rolled on the floor in excitement. Playing the right hand of the first line of “I Am Like A Star” a week later produced that same reaction. He obviously has some capacity for learning to play, but I’m not sure he or I or our teacher would be able to handle that kind of performance every single time.

Then again, maybe we would. Because who doesn’t love a good performance?

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