the valentine’s were from me

the valentine’s were from me

You know how it is. You see the holiday coming, you make a simple plan, you think it will be easy and smooth and you will have won the mom of the year award before the year is even a quarter of the way over. (Hey, a girl can dream.)

But then you realized that you miscalculated. Because there is not just one holiday, but THREE.* Additionally, the plan, simple as it is, takes time and is not as child-friendly in practice as it was in theory. Also: homework. Homework takes priority on school nights. And not everyone is as energetic about their homework as their mom wishes they were.

So there’s that.

What I’m trying to say is that even though the boys’ Valentine cards had their names hand-written on them by the boys themselves, it was a facade to hide the fact that they were really from me. I made the chocolate truffles. I put them in little bags. I tied them with strings and attached the cards. They were in no way personalized for each child. But that does not diminish the fact that I am very grateful to all those little people my boys get to spend all day with, and I don’t mind that it turned into my personal project. Not this time, anyway.

But next year, we’ll do better.


*Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, 100th Day of School

One thought on “the valentine’s were from me

  1. They turned out awesome. Those truffles look delicious. And yes! There’s always next year. :) it’s amazing to me what a big deal the 100th day of school is. And Chinese New Year? What a big day!

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