the snowy day

the snowy day

I feel like it is kind of a tricky thing to get a snow day just right. Especially a snow day that turned out to be less snow and more “Wait, everything got cancelled for this?” I mean, you want it to be special and fun, not cold and miserable. You want to relax and not feel rushed, but you also want to take advantage of the snow. You want break all the rules but still get to bed on time.

And I feel like we kind of nailed it.

Slow morning. Penguin pancakes, a puzzle and a (sort of) game, followed by a prolonged effort to get everybody appropriately bundled for a scouting mission. I planned to just go look around, but at the last minute we grabbled the sled, which turned out to be a good idea because, well, when is it a bad idea to have a sled when there are several inches of snow on the ground?

I pulled the kids around a parking lot across the street from our building for a bit, but then we decided to make a hill out of the steps in front of our building. It was pretty amazing.

We went back inside for a quick lunch and to switch up the snowpants situation—and to grab Micah who was “working from home”—before we went to the park for some real sledding.

The park was, as expected, a zoo. On their first run down, the boys knocked into another kid on a sled. Miraculously, that was our only mishap. Simon was so excited by sledding and the hill that he ran down it when it wasn’t his turn on the sled, just because he couldn’t help himself.

Elsa, however, didn’t have such a great time. She had insisted on stepping in as much snow as possible on the way to the park, and on carrying chunks of snow and ice. As you can imagine, she was a bit cold by the time we got to the hill. I took her home after a couple of runs.

Of course there was hot chocolate when the boys got home. And of course our apartment became one big drying rack.

The kids spent the rest of the evening immersed in Wild Kratts while I chatted with a friend who came over for dinner with her baby. We had a really relaxed meal of nachos supreme, followed by an early-ish bedtime. The kids (especially Elsa) were appropriately exhausted.

And Micah and I, having pulled it off, gave ourselves a snow day present as well and went to bed before midnight.

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