We decided to build a castle weeks ago. Our gingerbread structure was for sure going to be a castle. But then the day after I made the dough, when it was just chilling in the fridge, Micah started sketching robots. A family of robots. Our family, as robots. And I suggested maybe we do robots instead?

We liked the idea, but still, the castle. We couldn’t pass it up. So maybe robots would guard it?

We got to work. Made a trip to Dylan’s Candy Bar for supplies (heaven and hell at a single address), and came home to create our masterpiece.

In the end we decided that because robots are naturally antagonistic, they would be the attackers. The hapless gingerbread men would have to defend. And in the end, they seemed to be holding their own, even as the castle began to crumble — not in the hands of the robot army, but in the hands of the little giants (and their parents) who planned this whole thing to begin with.

2 thoughts on “gingermania

  1. How do you get such straight edges and sharp corners on your gingerbread pieces? Mine always spread in the oven so the edges come out a little wavy. Royal icing secures anything, and it still tastes good, but I wouldn’t mind it looking a little sharper.

  2. Ours spread a bit as well, but Micah just used a serrated knife and the original templates to cut them back to the original size which gives us the nice sharp edges. :)

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